A HEALTHY diet is the key to a long life, says a 105-year-old.

Nynehead Court had a very special birthday celebration this month, as resident Dina Aldridge, known as Pat, celebrated her 105th birthday.

Pat was born in Solihull on November 26 1914, 4 months after the outbreak of the First Word War. She is the only one of her seven siblings to reach the age of 100. She was married to her husband Ken for 52 years until she was widowed in 1990, and lived independently in the local community until recently. She decided to move to Nynehead Court because her family were moving away, and she wanted to remain close to her friends.

Pat is a very sociable lady who enjoys going to a lunch club on Wednesdays, and thinks that her long life is down to her healthy diet which restricts sugar and fat, especially cake.

Nynehead Court held a party for Pat in the Orangery, with children from the local pre-school raising a toast to her with orange juice.

Home manager, Angela Watkins, said: “We were delighted to be able to help Pat share her special day. We hope that she will relax her careful diet just for the day, so that she can enjoy some birthday cake.”