BITTERLY disappointed at the shambles that passed for the celebration of the Christmas light switch on during the day on November 24.

I still fail to understand the logic behind the change of day from Thursday, to herald the beginning of late-night shopping and to capture all those in town for the switch on, and a Sunday, which just leaves people hanging around.

As for the fun fair, who came up with that little gem? Let’s have the town taken over by a fun fair and leave our retailers to struggle with yet more competition.

Certainly don’t want the good folks of Somerset enjoying anything like Christmas spirit with a public address system near the Market House belting out seasonal tunes, or street vendors with chestnuts or hot chocolate.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating this time of year in what would be referred to as an ‘old fashioned’ way. Dickensian evenings etc, seem to work well elsewhere and could here.

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We are not all church goers or heathens. Some just enjoy the spirit, peace, and childish fun of Christmas.

Please dont use the old chestnut of ‘traffic problems’ to justify the change either.

Kudos to the lovely band outside Tesco, absolutely loved your singing, thank you. Also a big well done for the visit of the Polar Bear, such fun.

I know times change but, please, can we keep the ‘traditional Christmas’ of sherry and mince pies for Father Christmas rather than a can of Fosters and a Kitkat for Santa!