A TROUBLESOME public toilet block is set to be saved after a special meeting to decide its future.

The public conveniences on Longforth Road have been a cause of contention for Wellington Town Council since they were taken over from the district authority.

The cubicles have suffered problems with the locks, lighting, and it was even hit by an arson attack.

The town council has been considering its options regarding the toilet block, and what would be best for the community.

Despite warnings from one member, Cllr Marcus Barr, that the toilets were expensive liability that could bankrupt the town council, there was a consensus that conveniences near the northern end of town and the coach stop were essential.

Cllr Barr then left the meeting halfway through the debate.

Cllr John Thorne said: “Looked at the from a narrow accountant’s perspective they might be a liability but for the town they are an asset.”

He was supported by Cllr Andy Govier. He said: “You could view schools and hospitals as liabilities in that they cost money to run, but in reality good public services are an asset.”

Cllr Nancy Powell-Brace. said: “I feel strongly that at a time when we are trying our best to regenerate the town centre via initiatives like the Pop-Up show, closing the toilets would be a terrible backward step.”

After hearing from the elected members, it was decided the town council would provide funding for a specialised professional report on the best route forward, with the goal of providing two, possibly three, cubicles in a refurbished and modernised facility.

Once an expert report on the toilets has been commissioned and received, the council will meet to review the most effective and affordable plan of action.