DOZENS of residents have objected to a resubmitted planning application which had already been rejected.

Gladman Land Ltd has applied to Somerset West and Taunton Council for permission to build 180 homes off Cheddon Road.

The plan is a resubmission of a previous application for the same number of houses, which was rejected by planners earlier this year.

The new application is mostly similar to the previous plans, with a few details updated.

The council's planning committee rejected the plans in July this year, claiming the development would have an 'adverse impact' on the surrounding environment.

Only part of the land Gladman desired had been set aside for development, and only 40 houses was deemed appropriate for the area.

Gladman claims the council did not have any ‘additional or indepedent’ landscape advice when making the decision. But this is something the council only requests on rare occasions.

A spokesperson for Gladman said: “It is noted that in reaching this conclusion, members did not have the benefit of any additional or independent landscape advice from a suitably qualified officer or consultant either prior to or during the committee itself.

“It is further noted that, despite third party assertions to the contrary, members accepted that the proposals were otherwise acceptable in highways, ecology, heritage, flood risk/drainage and amenity terms, as reflected in the single reason for refusal.”

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Around 40 people have made comments online, stating issues such as increasing the risk of flooding, unsuitable roads, and lack of public transport.

One resident said: "I object to this planning application because of the high volume of extra traffic that it will cause on what is already

a small road.

"This will mean that traffic will disperse to other parts of our area, for example through Priorswood and the south section of Cheddon Road. A lot of roads have cars parked on them so are in effect a single lane during some periods of the day."

Another added: "With a primary school and a senior school both on this route, this will make the danger to lives even greater. I witness on a daily basis, near misses with cars speeding and mounting the pavement in places to pass parked cars, causing me great concern for children walking to and from school."

Despite the strong feeling from residents, Cheddon Fitzpaine Parish Council has declared it has no objections to the development. However, concerns were raised regarding predicted traffic flows.

The online consultation for the plans ended on November 29, and a decision is expected to be made on February 13.

To view the plans or to read further comments search reference number 08/19/0035 on the planning section of the council's website.