‘I TOLD you so’ is a useless comment on today’s poll disaster for the politically progressive green-left in this country, but I repeatedly have warned of a hard-right landslide if Johnson, his ERG cronies, and multi-millionaire backers, got the opposition – mainly Labour - to break the five-year Fixed Term Parliament Act and agree to a Brexit-led General Election in cold wet December.

Johnson’s calling ‘chicken’ upon Labour for initially resisting an election could have been long continued until he stewed in his own hard-Brexit juice to the point of resignation. Then, the formation of a national unity temporary government, to oversee the holding of the ‘Final People’s Vote’, with Johnson’s deal against Remain, could have gone ahead..

Previous EU election votes in last June, May 2014 – plus 2016 referendum - carrying Farage to famous victories via UKIP and Brexit parties, all proved an endemic nationalism and xenophobia in older working class Britain which could turn Labour heartlands in the North and Midlands from loyal red to seemingly impossible blue.

The internal rows in the Tory party mainly caused by Johnson and ERG, stretching over three years, were enough to force May’s resignation and, most importantly, seize their big opportunity for a Brexit-led General Election landslide victory, with celebrity posh-boy Johnson as PM easily thrashing the media’s Marxist-smeared, long-ridiculed Corbyn and his dithering, complex Brexit stance, and despite Labour’s wonderful people’s benefits manifesto.

Although my predictions now are largely true, my biggest one about Johnson’s almighty 'Get Brexit Done' mantra being his biggest lie of all, remains unproven until January 31, when whether or not the ERG’s fervour for 'No Deal, WTO Rules' Brexit happens?

I predict anew that Johnson’s and the hard-right’s fraudulent victory today on the back of an emotive, lying Brexit mantra, will quickly rebound on them when older working class folk realise that they’ve been sold enormous Brexit-glory and ‘one nation’ Conservative lies.

Whoever is in power, Britain’s economy is facing hard times via expected big losses from Brexit; big re-investment needs and promises to rebuild most public services; big expenditure needs and heavy investment costs on climate emergency – both revenue and capital and, lastly, problems right now with general downturn in global trade.