A SECOND World War bomb which was found on Kilve beach has been removed by the Royal Navy, the Coastguard has confirmed. 

HM Coastguard Watchet responded to a call from a member of the public on Sunday (December 15) who said they were concerned after finding a suspicious item in a rock pool on the beach. 

The Coastguard set up a safety cordon while they waited for a Royal Navy Dive team to arrive. 

Somerset County Gazette:

A spokesperson for Watchet Coastguard, said: "From the teams training and experience of dealing with regular finds of wartime ordnance at what was a live firing range during World War Two by artillery, tanks and smaller weapons, this item was confirmed as such by the Royal Navy Dive Clearance Team from Plymouth, who having seen the photo were tasked to attend.

"Whilst awaiting for the Bomb Disposal teams arrival, a cordon was placed on the beach to prevent any injury to coast path and dog walkers by our Coastguard team, who had been paged to join the patrol on scene at Kilve.

"With inclement weather the team stood guard until well after nightfall, kept going by flasks of hot drinks, until the Royal Navy arrived and took control of the scene, removing the bomb for destruction later having assessed it.

"With all the strong winds, heavy rain and large tides beach material is being moved and cliff falls uncovering and exposing such wartime items.

"If you find something suspicious we would remind everyone not to touch it, but record it’s exact location using such systems as what3words and informing the Coastguard on 999.

"In a coastal emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard."