I WOULD like to comment on your report that Taunton bus station may be sold for development, possibly to Somerset West and Taunton Council.

Some people may understandably have concern that loss of the bus station would adversely impact on public transport services. Of course it could, if handled badly, but I do not think that this need be the case.

My own experience suggests that in other countries, it is far more common to have a 'transport interchange' at the main railway station in a town, thereby bringing bus and rail services together.

In such situations, access to the town centre is provided by on-street stops, rather than having a defined bus station.

At the moment, Taunton is probably an example of how not to do things.

The bus station is 3/4 mile from the railway station, leaving long-distance passengers with the inconvenience and delay of getting from one to the other.

This would be unthinkable on most of the Continent, and indeed, in other English-speaking countries, such as the USA or Australia.

Co-ordination between buses and trains is also better in some other parts of the UK, such as London and Northern Ireland.

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It is also inconvenient that buses from the southern parts of Taunton do not generally serve the north of the town centre, especially given the presence there of the Cricket Ground, the Brewhouse, the emerging Coal Orchard development, and, in future, Firepool.

Several older people have said to me that they consider it too far to walk from the current bus station to these areas, especially in the dark or in bad weather.

In saying all this, I would add one big proviso. If the bus station is to close, then much better facilities must be made available on-street for buses and bus users.

This should include removing most of the traffic from the main streets of the town centre, so that buses can operate free of congestion.

Passengers should also be able to wait for a bus in a decent environment - rather than, as is currently too often the case, at a seat-less, shelter-less stop exposed to traffic noise and exhaust fumes.