Three EDF Energy employees from Hinkley Point B power station have been recognised by The Royal Humane Society after saving a colleague’s life.

Mark Williams, Connor Keirle and Aaron Tyrrell, each received prestigious resuscitation certificates from the Society, after their quick thinking and skill helped save the life of fellow EDF Energy colleague Ross Perkins after he suffered a near fatal heart attack at work.

The trained first aiders sprang into action following an urgent appeal for medical assistance after Ross collapsed.

As Mark, Connor and Aaron arrived at the scene, it soon became clear that Ross’s life hung precariously in the balance.

Mark, who works as a procurement engineer at the power station, explained: “As soon as we arrived to help Ross, it was evident something was badly wrong.

“He had lost colour and was suffering intermittent chest pain.

"That was when our training cut in, and we knew we had to help him urgently.”

The site has a high level of first aid equipment such as defibrillators strategically placed, and the team were able to get this ready quickly.

“The defibrillator did its job and allowed Ross’s heart to restart in the correct sequence just as the paramedics were arriving,” added Mark.

“It was a great feeling seeing Ross breathing again.”

Ross has now fully recovered and two months after the heart attack he returned to work as a materials controller at Hinkley Point B.

He said: “Words cannot express how much I owe the individuals who looked after me at the time, and I will be forever grateful for their amazing actions.

“I really would like to thank them for what they did for me.

"They are worthy recipients of these special awards for what they did in saving my life.”

There are more than 535 full time EDF employees at Hinkley B, not including 220 full time contract partners who work at the site.