THE Strawberry Line cycle path seems to have become a wonderful wild life haven - and cycling there the perfect way to visit Cheddar from Clevedon.

Even on a dull damp January day there was bird song along all the old railway route.

But it has a downside.

Winter has exposed a profusion of plastic debris along the entire distance.

Not just unsightly but a real hazard to wildlife: for birds and mammals that might find their feet bound, and heads caught, in six-pack rings or dog poop bags (that seem a particular peril).

Small animals - like voles and shrews - can get trapped in bottles (and drink cans). While balloons (there were a great number in the River Yeo by Moor Bridge), whether whole or in fragments, can block the digestive systems of the unfortunate animals that ingest them.

On many beaches there are now clean-up campaigns. Bags and pick-up grabbers are provided so that visitors can, if they like, make their contribution. The impact has been dramatic.

What if councils or community groups made a similar provision (of bags and grabbers) for the Strawberry Line cycle path - and cycle paths everywhere?

After all, many hands!