I AM writing to say that I am horrified by the state of the road surfaces in and around Taunton.

My daughter was driving down the Trull road into town last week when we hit a very deep pothole that must have opened up overnight and we both commented on how dangerous this was.

I noticed that it had been filled in a day or so later which offered some hope, but it is obvious that this repair is only temporary as it is already eroding again.

I am sure I am not alone in noticing how severely the roads generally have deteriorated over the past few years - even motorway surfaces leave much to be desired in certain places.

I am sure there must be many claims on the council due to vehicles being damaged after hitting deep potholes. But more concerning is the danger of people swerving in an attempt to avoid them and cyclists who are especially vulnerable.

It is a travesty that our public services are so poor and that nobody seems to be taking those responsible to account for such neglect.