MY mum noticed one of her neighbours that lived across the road from her, that her lights hadn’t been on at night for several nights.

We noticed her cats kept coming to the window but her blinds were still drawn during the day.

So we knocked on the door several times but no answer.

A call was made to 101 before 10am in the morning and they were going to send somebody as soon as a officer was available.

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We waited and waited and no one turned up by 4.45pm. Another call to 101 was made and just kept saying it was priority but will send someone when they are available.

Well, they eventually turned up at 5.20pm in the evening and had to break in and found the person in not a very good state and was taken to hospital.

They always say to look out for your neighbours that are on their own.

It took over seven hours for the police to come to that address so it just proves we need more police on our streets.