A DEVELOPMENT of nine workshops or storage units could be built on the outskirts of Taunton.

Planning permission is being sought for an industrial building on Courtland's Industrial Estate, on the edge of Norton Fitzwarren.

The site already features a variety of commercial units, storage units and workshops for a number of clients.

Among firms operating there are a van hire company, garden shed manufacturer, plumbing and printing firms.

A statement by Greenslade Taylor Hunt on behalf of the applicant says: "The new commercial building would be located within the existing industrial estate between two existing buildings.

"The site was previously used by the Garden Shed and Toy Company who have since relocated to another part of the estate."

The application site is currently an area of hardstanding.

All the existing units are currently in use and there is a demand for more space on the estate.

The statement adds: "The proposal makes efficient use of land and the design for the new building is in keeping with the wider estate and can be constructed in a manner so as not harm the local landscape or any ecology interests."

The application also proposes an additional 16 parking spaces to serve the development.

The statement adds: "Whilst the development is not in strict accordance with local planning policy, the proposed development is for a new commercial building within a well-established industrial estate on a parcel of land with an established commercial use."

The application will be considered by planners at Somerset West and Taunton Council.