A SHOP which lets businesses, charities, and local artists rent space for a short period of time is quickly becoming a council success story.

The Pop-Up, which opened on October 14 in Fore Street, came to be after receiving backing from Wellington Town Council.

The idea was to create a base for traders to trial out the town, without having to sign a lengthy lease, as well as to encourage visitors.

The shop is now being organised by town councillor Nancy Powell-Brace, who says she 'couldn't be more thrilled' with the way things have hit the ground running.

Already this year, only 16 weeks remain unspoken for, as 16 traders have booked to have their time in the shop.

"We were booked fully all the way up to Christmas, from the moment we opened," she said.

"It's absolutely wonderful.

"We have been fully booked through January, and are booked for February, March, June, there's one week left in May and April, and November and December this year are already booked."

Traders and voluntary organisations can book to use the shop for periods of between a week and a month, paying a commercial rent (zero for charities) on a flexible basis.

So far charities such as the National Trust and local artists have utilised the space.

Ms Powell-Brace added: "The National Trust had the shop for a little while and now they are walking away with 32 new volunteers booked in to run the scaffolding tours at the Monument.

"We've got a good mixture of both charities and traders set to come, it's a complete variety.

"It's biggest draw is the fact it gives people an opportunity to get trading, and you get the publicity.

"We wanted people to be able to try out Wellington without signing a lease. I think the minimum you can find in Wellington is six months, and that's if you are lucky."

As for footfall, the council says it 'doesn't need to count' as 'the proof is in the pudding'.

"It has been phenomenal," she added.

"And now it is generating its own interest."

It's not just in Wellington where interest is being generated, as other councils are taking note of the shop's progress. 

Cllr Keith Wheatley, one of the initiators of the project, said: “In the first weeks when the shop opened I took phone calls from council officials in both Chard and Minehead wanting background info on how we put together the deal for the Pop Up.

“I just told them you need a friendly landlord, supportive council and several paintbrushes.

“If you look at the success of national schemes such as Appear Here, you can see that Pop Up is going to be an increasingly large factor in High St renewal.”

Anyone interested in using the Pop-Up can email the shop manager Ms Powell-Brace at npowellbrace@gmail.com.