A NEW plant-based cafe is set to open in town next month.

The Plantside Café opens its doors on the High St next month, in the former premises of Sprague’s Butchers and before that, The Garden Café.

The new business venture is being run by experienced publican Anna Madams.

“The name’s a bit of Star Wars joke,” she said.

“We want people to come over to the plant side, not the dark side.”

Ms Madams says while the new cafe will serve vegan food, it is not a vegan cafe.

She said: “I want to get away from the idea that it’s going to be a totally vegan café.

“It will be a place for everyone because, let’s face it, almost everyone is eating less meat nowadays."

Ms Madams ran the popular Dolphin Inn which has just recently closed, and already has a successful event catering business called Vegan To You.

“We’ll do everything from corporate events to a wake,” she added

“And if you’re running a kitchen you may as well be selling your food to other people.

“We’re looking at smoothies, fruit, salads as well as the mainstream vegetarian and vegan options.”