HOW much longer should we put up with this pathetic council?

Today, all parking was free again, as the equipment someone purchased has broken once again.

No wonder the parking has to go up - to cover all these breakdowns.

Whoever purchase these machines off ebay - and the complete waste of money signs - total over £2.5 million should now be sacked and get a proper bunch of people in who can actually run the parking department correctly, because the ones in at the moment have wasted and continue to waste millions of pounds of our hard-earned money.

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Taunton town has become a dirty disgrace and it's about time someone paid for turning our once-lovely town into a dirty, pathetic excuse for a county town.

But do any of our councillors care? I doubt it.

I expect they are all off having dinner on us.

How much longer are they going to be allowed to ruin our town? I thought they were paid to improve our town not distort it.

Enough is enough, surely?