I READ with some dismay that more retail businesses are closing in the town centre.

We appear to be surrounded in the main shopping areas with an increasing number with of empty shops, charity shops, betting shops and coffee shops. The main trading centre of the town is disappearing before our eyes.

A few pages inside your publication we have the astonishing news that parking charges are to be increased. Have the authorities given leave of their senses? Do they have a single business brain in their collective heads. Do they seriously believe this measure will increase footfall in the town or drive more people to the out of town business parks, where there is no charge.

Mind you I shouldn't be surprised should I, the same authority I presume was responsible for despatching a vibrant and prosperous market to Bridgwater and replacing it with a wasteland for I don't know how many years. Sure, we have seen the many madcap and business brain dead proposal over a period but those of us who deal in the real world, knew they were destined for the bin.

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Admittedly we in the retail trade are hardly without blame, to succeed these days you have to be up to the mark and do what the internet and the multiples struggle to compete with. For example in our business, all our furniture comes fully assembled and free deliver locally. I travel an 800 miles round trip several times a year to ensure we get the best possible price for our rugs and carpet squares.

In short you have to work hard to succeed in the modern world.

Finally to those who are intent on supporting the BID scheme I urge you to check the administrative costs in relation to the proposed benefits and attractions being offered, before you commit.

I believe in Taunton.

Caledonian Interiors
Station Road, Taunton