"OUR band should have been called Chaos" announced Abbe Martin less than ten minutes after walking onstage.

And it the night was chaos. But it was fun, uplifting and enjoyable chaos that made the show even more entertaining.

Yes, Hannah Wood may have lost her capo within the first five minutes and there was an annoying rattling sound through some of the songs, but the duo made the crowd laugh, cry and dance all in the space of an hour and a half.

The evening itself at The Brewhouse in Taunton began with support from Evie Cosgrove, a very talented 17-year-old singer/songwriter from Taunton who performed a mix of covers and original songs. She was confident, humorous and even managed to get the audience to join in with 500 miles by The Proclaimers.

Then the audience were treated to the main act – Abbe and Hannah from Sound of the Sirens. They sang some wonderful original songs, my favourite being Together Alone. As well as a few covers and in particular a wonderful version of Sit Down by James.

The moments in between the music was just as entertaining, with discussions about their favourite musical songs, the ‘bad gift’ shelf at Hannah’s at Christmas and their holiday at the beginning of the year – that included cake, wine and sweating by the fire, with some song writing too, of course. As well as numerous explanations as to when and why they wrote certain songs.

The audience were mesmerised by the sound of Abbe and Hannah’s voices. There were some brilliant moments when they paused the songs, almost for a bit too long, and would laugh as the audience were on tender hooks listening for the next note, ready to sing along, tap their feet or clap to beautiful harmonies created by this talented duo.

The Sound of the Sirens were a brilliant folk/rock band and were great entertainers even if, like me, you didn’t know many of their original songs.

But the duo is a band I will be adding to my Spotify playlist.And I think you should too.

Visit soundofthesirens.net