A MEMORIAL fund which was set up after the tragic death of a popular young man is ready to start helping.

Freddie Pring died following an accident resulting in a a severe head injury after he fell from a balcony in Magaluf in June 2019.

The popular young man was just 20 years old when he died on the holiday he had won after excelling in his job.

After his death, Freddie's family and friends came together to raise money in his name to help young people in the community.

Freddie was working in engineering recruitment in Bristol where he had quickly proved his worth, but he also had a passion for sports.

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The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund was created to provide funding across West Somerset for sports coaching and development.

Freddie's mum, Heather, said: "He was an exceptionally gifted sportsman and a great person off the field too; he was an extremely hard working, well mannered and highly respected young man.

"Freddie played for the Minehead Barbarians and although young in age he bought an air of experience, determination and belief to the team. Always passionate and motivated, he was the ultimate team player and a true competitor with an infectious smile.

"The Freddie Pring Memorial Fund is his legacy.

"The aim is to raise much needed funds for the adults and children of West Somerset to provide sports coaching and development.

"Freddie will live on through this cause."

After it was created in July last year, the first round of applications are now open, with fundraising efforts already totalling £15,000.

Somerset County Gazette:

SUPPORT: Fundraising events have been taking place since Freddie's death to raise money for his memorial fund 

The family have stressed how it hopes to hep a wide range of people with its diverse fund, from children with special needs, to people with mental health struggles, or just anyone already achieving in sports.

Mrs Pring added: "We are very proud and excited to now have our application process open for funding, not bad since the fund was founded on July 11, 2019.

"All the hard work and support from you the community means we can deliver our aim, something I know Freddie would be hugely proud of.

There will be three rounds of applications per year.

Click here to see the rules and guidelines over who can apply.