HAVING received advice from a well known high street chain that would have resulted in unnecessarily expensive repair and/or replacement of a cherished wrist watch, I sought alternative advice from a small independent repairer in one of Taunton's secondary trading areas.

Their advice proved extremely beneficial with the result that the watch will be repaired at a very reasonable cost and will continue to provide excellent service for many more years.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

However, the fact of life is such small traders are confined to secondary locations with minimal passing trade and constantly increasing rents and taxes, but could be made part of a major attraction to the high street with the provision of a large central shared facility in the heart of the town.

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It would seem sensible for such a facility to be council owned and operated on behalf of the community with sensibly priced rents to attract a variety of small, independent traders and to include fresh produce, flowers, a permanent farmers market and various craft stalls.

Such facilities exist elsewhere.

A particularly notable example is the Central Market Hall in Budapest - well worth a visit if considering a similar facility in Taunton.

Norton Fitzwarren