AS I drive into Taunton I keep looking at the sign that designates Taunton as a Garden Town.

I have lived in Taunton since I was born and I have to say the town is a disgrace. All the council seem to manage is new housing which, let's face it, boosts the council tax revenue!

The town itself is poor, with no market as such, that's another story!

Go to Bridport on a Saturday and see their street market which has antiques, local food and all the local independent shops which Taunton can't seem to attract.

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I am sorry but the town is filled with homeless and drug users! Yes, my son saw a group of people sitting outside McDonald's, with white powder being passed around in the middle of the day. He now understands what "getting high" means!

I had explain what they were doing to my 12-year-old son.

We build one road to relieve traffic, then we shut one - St James Street - what a complete joke.

We are now carving up beautiful farmland near Comeytrowe and can't wait for all the extra traffic this will bring to the area.

Once my children have finished their education I am going to leave Taunton and seek solace in another area, away from all this mess and uncontrolled urban sprawl.