EMERGENCY work to try and save Watchet Marina has been progressing quickly this week after the wall was breached for a second time in two months due to recent turbulent weather.

Somerset West & Taunton Council has been working swiftly with contractors and designers to draw up plans to try and save the wall.

Designers have provided outline proposals to the council which have been accepted.

These include the use of a new concrete sectional wall located along the line of the old wall. The hole will then be backfilled with material, but the council say this time the new wall will prevent further damage.

A SWAT spokesman said: “The greater weight of this rock armour will prevent the loss we experienced before.”

Further rock armour will be added to protect a lower height section of wall which is showing further signs of deterioration.

The design of the new wall means that the blocks can be manufactured off site and place with comparative ease.

Filling the hole, along with the work creating the new wall and putting in additional rock armour will take several weeks to complete.

The SWAT spokesperson added: “Once completed this scheme will form the permanent solution and give the necessary protection to Watchet.”

Over the weekend huge pieces of granite - each weighing more than five tonnes - were brought in ahead of Storm Dennis to try and prevent any further damage.

Despite the strong winds and rain, the workers managed to shift the existing rock and rubble to allow the granite to be placed in on top of a stable foundation.

During the week there has been a steady delivery of rock brought in and concrete pumped into gaps.

SWAT says it will continue to provide updates as the work continues.