TAUNTON Deane (Borough) Council was run by 'gunnas': Tory councillors who were 'gunna' do this or that to revitalise Taunton and make use of the derelict Firepool site.

The result ? Nothing - just abandoned plans and eye-wateringly high consultants' bills.

A total white elephant.

2020 looks like being the year when something practical finally happens on the site.

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I was highly encouraged to read about the combination of homes, cinema, shops and cafe planned for the site, not to mention the multi-purpose entertainment venue, as outlined in the County Gazette.

This will undoubtedly generate new jobs, attract visitors and give our local economy a well needed boost, hot on the heels of the announcement of the closure of so many high street shops.

We have every reason to congratulate the local council and the Lib Dem administration.

Well done for doing what the Tory administration failed to deliver and finally doing something to put Taunton on the map!