STRAIGHT from the West End The Castle School performed the award winning School of Rock to the community in January.

The show was nearly nine months in the making. Hundreds of hours of blocking, choreographing, composing and rehearsing. 110 Castle students were involved, 95 lighting cues, 115 mic cues, 105 cables, 500 programs handed out and 1200 tickets sold.

The set arrived from Southampton, scenery from Cardiff and lighting and sound was shipped in too.

After the rest of the school had gone home for their tea, the School of Rock cast were rehearsing into the night.

The tireless energy and commitment was hard to rival. It is in these moments when the normal routines, of the school ground to a halt, that the magic is made and the forever memories imprinted in the hearts.

And then Castle shared the magic with the audience and invited them into the theatrical world. The cast felt the fireworks fly when the audience were brought to their feet to give standing ovations to their stars.

The performers taught the audience what it is to follow your heart, to pursue your dreams and ‘stick it’ to anyone who tries to stop you.

What a powerful and important message in today’s age leaving children inspired and empowered.