HAS not the time come to license all cyclists who use public roads with all other traffic but with seeming disregard or consideration of those licensed road users who pay dearly for the privilege of avoiding the lack of attention and occasional petulant acolyte of Lance Armstrong?

I pay dearly for my disabled mobility car and scooter to be road legal but am constantly amazed and discomforted by cyclists intent on the physical act to the exclusion of their surrounds.

Yet whereas I can cease the inertia of my road legal mobility scooter in an instant at need, these mechanical devices being human driven with three times the kinetic inertia, fall all over the place with their riders clearly unwilling to discard the gyroscopic needs by which they stay upright, regardless of traffic considerations.

From this secure platform I constantly observe regular road traffic being put from inconvenience to downright danger from this immutable law of physics by which, the common cyclist on two wheels is governed but blatantly discards as inconvenient or justified on some half-understood environmental grounds.

I’ve even been overtaken driving my car down a narrow, winding country lane by a Lance Armstrong wannabe, racing down the hill at over 30 miles per hour!


Langford Budville