CALLOUS thieves have hit yet another church in the area.

In a spate of attacks across the county, St John's Church in Wellington has become the latest victim of thieves stealing lead from the roof.

PCSO Steve Hill said: "On Friday night St John’s Church in Wellington got attacked and a large quantity of lead sheeting was taken from the roof of the church.

"If anyone was in the vicinity of the church Friday night or in the early hours of Saturday morning and saw or heard anything unusual can you please contact 101 quoting Niche 5220049607."

It follows a similar attack on St Giles' Church, Bradford-on-Tone.

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Church members who arrived at on Thursday were greeted by a scene of devastation after rainwater had flooded into the building.

The organ, which was undergoing £32,000 renovation work, was badly damaged and will now need to be completely repaired at a likely cost of over £100,000.

Another attacks around in county have also taken place in the last few weeks.