WE flew into Bristol Airport late on the afternoon of February 28 on an Easyjet flight from Pisa (Italy).

We were appalled by the lack of interest/information/advice about the Coronavirus situation, by anyone - Easyjet, British Airport Authority or UK Border control.

We weren’t temperature tested and no-one wore masks either on or off the flight.

Although we departed from a ‘non-affected’ airport, the passengers could have travelled anywhere in Northern Italy before boarding at Pisa!

We were not questioned and certainly not given definitive advice about self-isolation etc on returning home.

We weren’t told when we checked in that Pisa was definitely a non-affected airport so we were relying on Bristol to reassure us.

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This morning after checking the UK Government website, although Pisa and Florence (where we stayed) are designated non-affected, we have decided ourselves to avoid all public places for the next two weeks.

There appeared to be a similar flight coming in from the Canary Islands at roughly the same time yesterday. We presume they experienced the same situation.

It’s no wonder the virus is spreading so rapidly. All airports should be in the first line of defence (not just the London ones).