SIR Benjamin Slade has appeared on our television screens once again - this time in search of a wife.

The eccentric Somerset millionaire has been vocal about his search for a partner for some years, but this time has taken the search to TV.

Sir Benjamin and his well-known Somerset estate are no strangers to public attention, and recently appeared on the BBC show The Sheriffs are Coming after failing to pay £4,700 to a wedding planner.

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On the Channel 5 programme Millionaire Age Gap Love, which originally aired in January but was once again on show last night (March 4), he made his latest TV appearance.

Somerset County Gazette:

WEDDING VENUE: The 50-room countryside estate. PIC: SWNS 

Sir Benjamin, 73, lives in the 50-room Maunsel House near North Petherton, and is looking for someone to join him and his Jack Russell Bolly.

He said: "I've got no one to share it with and no one to leave it to.

"I've been on my own here since 2011.

"The house has only around 50 rooms. It's quite small compared to some others, but its all I can cope with."

He shows viewers around the King's Room, featuring a 400-year-old bed, which sleeps seven.

He then walks over to the bell newly weds are supposed to ring following the 'consummation' of the marriage, but fear not, if a couple gets into trouble, there's a handy drawer full of communal sex toys and aids, in case they need help.

Somerset County Gazette:

LOOKING FOR LOVE: Sir Benjamin Slade at his home, Maunsel House in Somerset. PIC: SWNS 

As well as wanting someone to share his time and house with, he is also hoping to have two children - boys.

He said: "I want children. I don't want to work forever. It would be nice to pass on the responsibility to some children as soon as possible.

"I don't think I am too old to have children, because I have nine months of supply frozen at the sperm bank.

"It's the only bank that didn't go bust during the recession."

Sir Benjamin tries his hand at the dating app Tinder with the held of his staff member Jess.

After knocking ten years of his age, he swipes through a selection of 'dreadful' women, before insisting on changing the settings to woman under 40 only.

"Everybody these days are on these dating sites. I don't know anything about it except I read in the newspapers its nothing but trouble."

Sir Benjamin has a specific list of requirements for his ideal match which he takes to a Bristol-based match making company.

As well as being able to 'breed' him two sons as soon as possible, and be between 30-38 years old, his future partner must not be a Guardian reader, a Scorpio, a drug user or an alcoholic.

Ideally, he's after an Aquarius or a Libra.

Somerset County Gazette:

CHEERS: Sir Bejamin and Ivana. PIC: Channel 5 / Millionaire Age Gap Love 

The dating agency came up trumps with finding the millionaire a partner. During the programme, he goes on two dates with 38-year-old cognitive behavioural therapist Ivana, a Gemini, who didn't seem to mind the 35-year age gap.

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