I WRITE in response to Dave Thomas's letter ('Tax for what?', Postbag, February 27) over his concerns about general untidiness in his area.

Mr Thomas is right that we are putting up our precept of Council Tax up by £5 a year for an average Band D property to ensure we can continue to deliver and grow services.

From this, there is some good news for him; in the first budget of Somerset West & Taunton Council and the new Liberal Democrat administration, we have committed £40,000 back into the budget to ensure all the towns in the Somerset West & Taunton area receive a regular clean.

This comes despite the financial mess we are still dealing with from the creation of Somerset West & Taunton Council by the previous administration.

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If Mr Thomas, or anybody else, would like to report noticeable litter problems, please go to www.somersetwestandtaunton.gov.uk/street-care-and-cleaning/litter-and-street-cleaning.

Executive Member for Parks and Open Spaces on Somerset West & Taunton Council