WOW! So Taunton had a Marxist Mayor! Who knew?

I think those who met Libby Lisgo during her term of office would recognize her deep commitment to the needs of the people of the town and a strong sense of the inequalities in our society rather than adherence to any dogma.

Her recent motion to the council was a reflection of the compassionate politician she is.

My own private education and my experience in the trade union movement has led me to a similar recognition of how deeply divided our society is, and the role played by private schools in reinforcing privilege in our daily lives.

These schools use public money, in the form of rate relief, to provide much better facilities and resources for their own pupils than can be found in our cash-starved state schools.

Inevitably, children emerge with a head start and a range of contacts which play a massive part in contributing to an ‘us and them’ culture.

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My sense is that Taunton’s private schools are aware of this and may even feel uncomfortable in perpetuating such unfairness.

I appeal to them to pick up Libby’s modest suggestion and help to create a fund to benefit the whole community.

This move to heal division and foster greater social harmony would benefit us all in the longer term.

It would certainly be a more constructive response than attempting to slur those who are seeking to build a fairer society.