MIKE Snowden and other headteachers are absolutely right about the need for slower speeds outside schools ('Does 20mph limit plan go far enough?', County Gazette, February 27).

As someone who has been campaigning for a mandatory 20mph speed limit near my old school of North Town, I’m still pressing the Conservative county council to take action.

Driving at 20 isn’t just safer for children and other vulnerable road users, it means fewer GHG emissions with better take up of walking and cycling (vital to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030) and reduced air pollution (every year 250 people in Somerset die early as a result of air pollution, according to public health officials).

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Unfortunately, the Conservative county council’s refusal to go further than “advisory” limits isn't enough - as we’ve seen from the number of crashes (one fatal) on the tight bends along Staplegrove Road.

Twenty’s plenty needs to be enforced around all our schools and indeed in all residential areas in the interests of safety, public health and the environment.

Lib Dem District Councillor for North Town