SOME years ago, I had to catch an National Express Coach where there was no bus station, simply a bus shelter.

There was torrential rain, and a driving wind which meant that those of us who were waiting for the coach were dripping wet by the time it arrived.

For some of us there was a five hour journey to reach our destination.

Fortunately, the coach was not full and we were able to drape our dripping coats over spare seats. The driver kindly turned up the heating so that our trousers were able to dry out a little.

Normally a large number of people take the National Express Coaches from Taunton to a wide range of destinations, some entailing many hours of travel.

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Where are passengers expected to put their wet coats on what is usually a full coach!

At the bus station there are times when there is a wait of up to 25 minutes for a connecting bus service to a destination. For a number of us older people standing for that length of time is simply no longer possible.

A day at the coast will become a memory.

Personally speaking, meeting up with family members over an hour away will become a thing of the past, as there will be nowhere to sit under cover for the required waiting time.

As I approach 90, starting to drive again is not an option.

Do any of those who make the decisions at the council have chronic arthritis, or rely entirely on public transport? Have they tried standing in the pouring rain with very young children, or taken a bus to Butlin's with wet luggage and clothes?

The use of exiting bus stops for those buses which would have gone from the bus station? Has anyone tried the Market House stop for the nos 3, 7, and 97 buses?

A shelter which provides minimal shelter for those fortunate enough to have room to perch there, for others a cold windy, at times wet, wait for a bus in a long queue.

Reducing traffic congestion in the town centre? Simply put a few more buses to add to the existing ones!

Councillors, please be realistic!