WELL tug my fore lock and doff my hat! A Labour councillor had the cheek to suggest public schools (yer I know, they are called Public Schools yet privately educated, go figure) give up 10 percent of their business rate and have a measly 90 percent relief off these rates so that 10 percent by way of money can go to community projects in deprived areas.

Good God, what does this councillor think we are, altruistic?

The councillor in question is Libby Lisgo, who made this shocking, offensive suggestion.

Thing is, these public schools are deprived charitable institutions. No VAT to worry their poor desperate selves. You can tell they need the money, barely surviving due to their fleet of mini buses and coaches, swimming pools, sports pitches, regular visiting VIP speakers and top sports coaches, a sports club, orchestras and a cadet force in case a group of Marxists try and force their way in to demand 10 percent of their business rates to help the plebs!

My sympathy is with the parents, who can only just manage paying out a few thousand moolah in school fees. (Um, by choice).

I see them with their poor old new Range Rovers dropping off their children.

I suppose it's difficult if mummy or daddy are a struggling Russian Oligarch or Arabian Prince or Princess.

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At least our State schools are doing well! They must be, they are certainly popular, with 30 to 40 pupils per class.

They're so popular they keep on running out of books, paper, pens, chalk, slates, chairs, desks, sports equipment and teachers.

Did I miss anything out? Think we should ask those nice councillors who brought this to our attention, Mr Milne and Trollop-Bellew to approach these rich state schools and ask them to contribute to the public schools in Taunton.

Mr Milne and Trollop-Bellew are still recovering from Councillor Lisgo's shocking suggestion.

I mean, who wants to help the have nots? Well it's not those two and this council!

Monkton Heathfield