AFTER proposing on stage to his fiancé Giada Lini last year, Graziano Di Prima is now embarking on a tour with the love of his life.

Havana Nights, named after the first dance Graziano performed on Strictly Come Dancing, is touring around the UK until April 5. The show will be complete with performances from Graziano and Giada, some storytelling and dialogue about Graziano’s life and group numbers from their supporting dancers.

Originally from Sicily in Italy, Graziano was born in a small town where no one danced. As a young boy, dancing was a hobby of his, but soon it became work and then eventually a career.

After many competitions, meeting his now fiancé Giada, and a few tours, Graziano received a call from Strictly Come Dancing.

Graziano said: “I was on tour in Japan and I received an email. I thought they must have contacted the wrong person!

“So, I spoke to the producer of the tour I was on and they said there was good news and bad news. The bad news was that I would never perform with them again and the good news was that Strictly Come Dancing called.

“I told my mum and just kept saying that I couldn’t believe it.

“Once dancing becomes work for you, it is something you no longer love. If you love it, it will never become a job, it will be your life.”

Graziano has now taken part in two seasons of Strictly Come Dancing.

He added: “Strictly Come Dancing has been even more amazing than I expected, especially after I realised it is such a popular show in the UK. I was really shocked to have that opportunity.

“Now, working on the show, I realise everyone just wants you to enjoy yourself and have fun.”

As well as being on TV, Graziano also never expected to have his own tour. And he loves the fact that he gets to share the experience with Giada.

He said: “Giada is that one person that I really know and that really knows me. She has been the key for me, she understands how I am feeling at every moment. I couldn’t ask for more.

“And I hope she feels the same…She does, she’s nodding (she’s stood right next to me).”

Somerset County Gazette:

Havana Nights began on March 3, a day after I spoke to Graziano. He explained that the first night went very well and the audience loved it.

Graziano said: “Last night we had out first show of the tour and we got a standing ovation at the end. I hope that this will happen at every show, nothing can compare to that feeling.

“The first night went so well, the audience was incredible and I am so happy, you can’t even imagine.

“I want people to just enjoy every second of the show, we have high energy routines and moments where I talk about my story too.

“Giada and I are giving everything we can to our audiences, we just care that they enjoy it. On the first night of the performance I was honest with the audience that this was our first night, and they still loved it.

“I can’t wait for the rest of the tour, I am living my best life.”

Havana Nights will be at Westlands in Yeovil on March 21 at 7:30pm.

Graziano added: “There is a moment when I throw all the female dancers in the air – so audiences should look out for that.

“And there is a singer who I have dialogue with, so the show is not just storytelling, it is a dialogue between two people. There is a variety of different moments.

“Have I been to Yeovil before? No, but it is exciting, it will be a new place to visit.”

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