THE Russian State Opera is returning this year to treat audiences to a premiere of Aida, Opera, coming to Yeovil this month.

Verdi brings the ancient Egypt on stage with evolving love story at the backdrop of war. The princess of Ethiopia (Aida) falls in love with the Egyptian General (Radames) and he is also besotted by her. Radames is chosen to lead the war with Ethiopia by the king and Aida is left to choose between her lover or her father and her country. Aida is a gripping love story that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Alexej Ignatow, producer of The Russian State Ballet & Opera House, said: “Dedicated to innovation as well as quality, the Russian State Ballet and Opera House has been presenting ballets and operas to huge audiences for over 16 years. Unlike many other companies that travel to Europe with ballet and opera productions, we only work with established theatres in the Russian Federation.

“These theatres have many years of experience and, most importantly, they have established directors and conductors who have graduated from the best artistic institutions in Russia and the former Soviet Union. When you see our logo, you can be certain about the quality of the production.

“We are constantly on the lookout for new challenges and to ensure that our opera and ballet audience get a chance to experience a wide spectrum of various classic pieces.

“Opera and ballet is often thought to be “difficult” and elitist, but this is not so. Both forms are timeless, and, like any art, they need to be presented in an accessible and attractive way to the audience. Therefore, we feel it is so important to present our productions in a classical, traditional style that is familiar to all.

“With extensive national tours that get our productions seen the length and breadth of the country, we are able to offer regional audience an unforgettable experience at a fraction of the price charged by major theatres without sacrificing quality.”

Aida will be at The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil on March 26. Tickets from £22. To find out more visit