MORE than 100 women have visited Somerset Menopause Clinic since it opened a year ago.

Teresa Davison, who runs the clinic, is a nurse practitioner and British Menopause Society Registered Specialist. She believes the success is because the appointments give women time to talk about their symptoms. This can be difficult at a 10 minute doctors appointment.

She said: “Since the clinic opened I have seen over 100 women mostly from the South West, not just Taunton and some from as far away as London.

“One of the most important things is dispelling the fears about HRT, promoting its safety and actually talking about the positive effects it has. For the majority of women the risks are outweighed by the benefits. This needs time and discussion to evaluate individual needs.

“I am thrilled at how successful the business has become and love having the ability to help these women.”

Teresa is planning to increase the number of appointments during the week. She offers a 45 minute appointment to discuss the concerns surrounding health issues during the menopause, as well as discussing different treatment options.

She will prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) if appropriate and if the patient decides to try it.

Teresa added: “Not every lady needs or wants a prescription. They may just need advice, options and the time to talk.

“This is an important service for women going through the menopause - a stage of life that can be unrecognised even by those having symptoms.”

To book call 01823 277287.