YOUR front page headline lumps buskers and indeed protesters in with litterbugs ('Crackdown', March 5).

On page 5 the headline regarding anti-social trouble makers includes buskers along with anti-social behaviour ('Tougher rules for anti-social troublemakers').

We don’t see many buskers in Taunton, but when we do, we’re often blessed with beautiful music in our high street and occasionally some great showmanship too.

These artists bring pleasure and joy to many, and to the few who don’t enjoy a ‘free’ live performance, the choice is there to walk on by.

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Without street performers, we may never have had great artists like BB King and Janice Joplin and indeed Ed Sheehan, who was the global artist of the last decade was busking long before he was famous.

In an era when we’re all asked to “be kind”, may I respectfully suggest that you take a lead by encouraging our talented and frequently young people trying to find their way in life, rather than characterising them as antisocial trouble-makers.