I HAVE witnessed the decimation of mature trees in Vivary Park over the last week and just assumed naively, that they were diseased or dangerous.

It was announced recently by the Government that there will be a big tree planting programme to help combat CO2 emissions and assist with climate change.

I have subsequently seen boards advertising that we have "A new and exciting wildlife area happening" where the trees have been cleared, and this will be a wildflower area.

What a delightful idea that will be, but it will not assist with emissions, and will not help nesting birds.

This will be another "hair brained scheme", another place for the drinkers to congregate and pick-nickers to leave their litter.

The mind boggles at the stupidity of our council when they gave permission for mass tree destruction.

Perhaps they will be planting some little saplings to combat their folly?

Our council tax has paid for this, heads should roll.