IF, like me, you were looking forward to Pete Firman and The Amazing TBC this weekend, then don’t worry because the show is being postponed and it is definitely a show to look forward to once we are all out of isolation.

In order to protect people’s health and safety, the Tacchi Morris Arts Centre in Taunton have closed, but are not unaware of the impact that this will have on the arts industry.

Andy Pulleyn, centre director, said: “It will have a massive impact on all businesses, the arts industry and small venues.

“We’re currently working with lots of different artists, producers and community theatre groups to find alternative dates in the future wherever possible. Ticketholders will then be guaranteed their same seat for the show.

“Given everything that’s happening and the speed of change, we hope ticketholders can understand why it’s taking a small venue and team like ourselves a bit of time to confirm what’s happening with the different shows and sort any refunds that are due – we are doing our best.

“When a crisis like this happens, it is amazing to see how people come together. For the cancelled shows and classes we’ve contacted customers about so far the support and generosity has been overwhelming. Often people have taken a credit refund or even turned their ticket money into a donation to the centre.We’re so grateful for this support.

“We’re working hard so that, once we’ve all got through this together, we have lots of shows and events ready to start for people to enjoy. It’s already striking the ways communities are coming together in this crisis, making use of technology to spend time together with family, friends and neighbours, perhaps more than ever before.

“We hope once we’re through this people will see theatre and the arts as a way to keep this going as that’s ultimately what we’re all about. Bringing people and our communities together to share our stories.”

BARNUM by TAOS Musical Theatre and the Alice in Wonderland pantomime are also postponed. Keep updated by visiting tacchi-morris.com