AN NHS worker has shown her appreciation for one of the big supermarkets that allowed her to get in some essential shopping items.

Morrisons along with a number of the big food stores, has been running dedicated shopping periods when only NHS staff are allowed in.

Leonor Arjona, who works in the cardiology department, was among dozens of workers from Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, who dropped by to stock up between 7am and 8am one day this week.

"Without that help, I'd have found it really difficult to find certain things," said Ms Arjona.

"With all the panic buying that was going on, I'd been unable to buy quite a few necessities - everyone's heard about the loo rolls disappearing off the shelves as soon as the supermarkets open.

"But I'd been unable to get hold of fresh milk, bread, lots of things.

"I was also afraid of customers rushing to get into the stores and ignoring social distancing advice.

"Morrisons got it spot on, making sure customers were all two metres apart at the checkouts."

Ms Arjona added: "Thank you Morrisons and all the other stores for running special shopping times for NHS staff.

"Nearly everybody has been so kind during the coronavirus crisis.

"Speaking to colleagues, we all appreciate everything people are doing for us.

"We don't see ourselves as heroes - we're just doing our jobs.

"It was also so moving last night in Taunton to hear so many people applauding us. It's lovely to be appreciated."