THESE pictures show an elderly group from a care-home on a minibus trip to the beach - after the LOCKDOWN.

Paul Scullion, 38, was shocked to see the group of at least six elderly people on the trip to the beach - flouting the Government's advice.

He said they were escorted by two carers, and that the elderly group never left the bus that was parked up in Minehead, Somerset.

Paul believes that the residents were at risk of being infected by the coronavirus, and that the carers could have been spreaders.

He said: "It was a care home group, they had been taken on a day trip to the beach. They were just sat there drinking tea.

"It's a risk, it was after the lockdown.

"There were more than two of them and they can't all be from the same place, the carers probably don't live in the home.

"The group were all elderly and they are supposed to stay inside because they are at risk.

"They are at risk of being infected, and the carers could be spreading the disease."

Paul took the images on the morning of Tuesday, March 24, when he was living in a motorhome near the beach.

He is now self-isolating at his partner's house in Minehead.