ONE of Taunton's Park and Ride sites has been closed until 'further notice'.

The Gateway Park and Ride site was closed after travellers attempted to settle on the site last weekend (March 28/29).

As a precaution, the police and Somerset County Council kept the site closed to prevent any further attempts to settle onto the site.

But as changes are being made throughout the town to help tackle the spread of the coronavirus, the site is to be kept shut.

Buses of Somerset has also announced it plans to reduce its services, and free parking measures have been introduced throughout the town and at Musgrove Park Hospital.

A spokesperson for Somerset County Council said: "There is currently very low demand for the park and ride service due to government instructions to stay at home and the suspension of parking enforcement in the town centre to support key workers.

"This combined with the fact that Buses of Somerset has confirmed that from Monday the park and ride service in Taunton will be reduced to operate between Silk Mills, Musgrove Park Hospital and the town centre to reflect current patronage, means the Gateway site will remain closed until further notice."