TAUNTON'S dedicated police support officers have been answering questions to ease concerns of residents.

PCSOs Sam Bushen Amy Borthwick answered the most burning questions they have receiving during their Facebook Live session on Sunday morning.

First up - should you report Covid-19 breaches you see in your community?

This is classed as anti-social behaviour and you should ring 101 and there is now an online link to report.

One of the questions included when will the parks be policed.

PCSO Bushen said: "The parks are being patrolled every day as many times as we can.

"We will patrol every park we can, but there are only a set number of staff patrolling everyday, but we still have other demands."

The pair reassured people that they were also in contact with supermarkets to make sure everything is okay there.

Many people are wondering about the rules for leaving your house - but the police support officers said the guidance has been clear.

Social distancing isn't the only concern, as leaving your house for non essential reasons could result in important resources being used where they aren't needed the most.

PCSO Bushen added: "The guidance is quite clear. You should not be leaving your house unless it's for an essential reason.

"If we hae the ability to walk out of our front door and walk our animals there, that's what we should be doing.

"Let's just say for example you drive out in your car and you have an accident.

"Your vehicle needs to be recovered, ambulance and police attend, and those paramedics have other places they need to be.

"That's why we are trying to limit the amount people are going out.

"Get out, get some fresh air so you feel a bit better, by try not to go overboard."

PCSO Bushen says he doesn't think there will be a curfew enforced, and that road blocks will be hard to police.

He said people can be out in their cars for many reasons, including key workers, and volunteers helping the NHS or vulnerable family and neighbours.

The pair said currently taxis are allowed to be driving, as their work includes picking up key workers and children still going to school.

PCSO Bushen said if they spot caravans travelling in the area they will be stopping to enquire why they are travelling.

People can report breaches of Covid-19 restrictions by visiting avonandsomerset.police.uk/report/breach-of-covid-19-restrictions.