PRIORSWOOD Community Centre is helping people in North Taunton through the coronavirus crisis by giving away free books.

The outside of the centre, off Eastwick Road, has been turned into a second-hand book shop where people can help themselves to a good read - for free.

Manager Lesley Councill said: "We've found through talking to people that many of them who are self isolating are finding the isolation and loneliness hard to come to terms with, which is having an adverse affect on their mental health.

"So we decided to turn the outside of the community centre into a second hand book shop.

"We had hundreds of books and DVDs that over time people had donated to us, so we thought this would be a good time to get them out.

"Rather than sell them to bring in an income for the charity, we leave leave them outside under the canopy for friends and family of residents self isolating to take for free.

"It's proved so popular that people are bringing their own books and DVDs to restock the boxes.

"We refill the boxes on a daily basis and have marked the ground so people can respect the two-metre restrictions put in place to protect us all."

One centre volunteer is also running a puzzle swap, leaving jigsaws on doorsteps in exchange for people's old puzzles.

The charity is supporting residents by collecting prescriptions, doing shopping, posting letters and other daily chores we all take for granted.

Staff are contacting residents, service users and volunteers to make sure they are well and have everything they need.