A BRAVE mother of two has left her family at home and flown thousands of miles across the Atlantic on a mercy mission.

Mary Munro, from Trull, is in Miami, volunteering to help care for coronavirus victims on a cruise ship docked off the coast.

Mary, who used to be a nurse at Taunton's Musgrove Park Hospital, is unable to disclose full details of what she is doing for confidentiality reasons.

She said: "We're going into the unknown and it's scary, but my odds are good.

"I'll keep my hands off my face, wear my mask where I can."

Mary left Taunton Station by train on Friday morning and headed to Heathrow Airport, hoping to catch a flight to Miami the same day.

But she was stuck in London for 24 hours following a mix up over her visa and was then told she was going to Dallas instead of Miami.

But once in Dallas, she was redirected to Miami via Orlando.

Mary, who had volunteered at Musgrove recently, leaves behind her two primary school daughters and husband, along with her mother, who is helping care for the family.

Her friend Alison Adams said: "Mary's a very brave, selfless person.

"It makes me very emotional what she's doing. She's an incredible lady."