AROUND 800 homes in West Somerset have been hit by a power cut.

Western Power Distribution says the 851 homes in Minehead and the surrounding area will hopefully have power back by 2pm.

A spokesperson said: "We're sorry to customers affected by the powercut in Minehead TA24 and surrounding areas.

"We estimate that all customers will have power restored by 2pm."

The following postcodes are affected: TA24 6EX, TA24 6SX, TA24 6SN, TA24 6SR, TA24 6UR, TA24 6EJ, TA24 6SF, TA24 6SG, TA24 6UH, TA24 6UJ, TA24 6DQ, TA24 6SH, TA24 6US, TA24 6TE, TA24 6SD, TA24 6UU, TA24 6UX, TA24 6RY, TA24 6UG, TA24 6SA, TA24 6PJ, TA24 6TR, TA24 6UF, TA24 6SW, TA24 6SQ, TA24 6TN, TA24 6UL, TA24 6UQ, TA24 6EP, TA24 6UW, TA24 6RS, TA24 6LW, TA24 6EN, TA24 6UE, TA24 6SL, TA24 6RZ, TA24 6LH, TA24 6SP, TA24 6RX, TA24 6UN, TA24 6EW, TA24 6UP, TA24 6RT, TA24 6PH, TA24 6AS, TA24 6SE, TA24 6RU, TA24 6DF, TA24 6TW, TA24 6SY, TA24 6SS, TA24 6TP, TA24 6EY, TA24 6TT, TA24 6TS, TA24 6ET, TA24 6SB, TA24 6SJ, TA24 6AY, TA24 6HE