A NEW Normal?

In the current situation it is easy to feel anxious and sad about everything. However, have you noticed the nice things that are happening due to the coronavirus pandemic?

On your daily walks, have you noticed that people are smiling and waving? Shouting out greetings as you pass each other at a safe distance? I have.

I’ve also noticed how clear the skies are without all the aeroplanes flying over. How loud and beautifully the birds are singing? The stars in the night skies without the air pollution? My husband also points out the International Space Station as it glides across the night sky!

Locally the whole town is coming together to help our communities. Looking after the elderly and vulnerable. People are putting rainbows in their windows for children to smile at as they pass by, also teddies! We have put two teddies in our window, and it is lovely when you see children notice them and point.

Occasionally our lovely tabby cat Peggy sits in the window too, sunbathing and gathering new admirers!

Have you heard of Random Acts of Kindness? I love these! It used to be letting a car into traffic with a wave and a smile - not much traffic now though. New ones during these strange times could be picking the phone up and just checking on friends and family, thanking all the staff in the shops, surgeries, etc.

Even on the phone if you need to call a bank, insurance company etc, if you’ve been on hold for what feels like forever, spare a thought for just how very busy these people are.

When you get through, try not to whinge about how long you’ve been waiting and ask them how they are. Thank them for being there for you when you need them. It will make a huge difference to them.

Kindness is a two-way thing as well.

By being kind, it will make you feel better too.


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