IN the first and second world wars, our brave soldiers were presented with medals for their brave efforts.

There is a war going on at this present time, albeit in this country and around the world against a deadly enemy in Coronovirus and Covid-19.

This virus is just as deadly as the fight our soldiers had during those wars. The doctors and nurses are putting themselves on the frontline of this fight and yes, some of them are losing their lives trying to help others struck down by this virus in hospitals up and down this country.

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The government should step forward and have a medal designed and presented to every NHS worker, from doctor to nurse and every other worker involved on the frontline against this deadly silent enemy.

No doubt they will continue the fight until this enemy is defeated and we can get back to normality.

We support the NHS in everything they do, now let's give them medals that they can have and treasure, as I do of my father's medals hanging on my wall.