A CONTROVERSIAL West Somerset housing application which has been rejected twice has been amended and submitted for a third time.

The plan relates to an area of land at Paddons Field in the village of Stogursey.

In 2007, planning permission was granted for Strongvox Homes to build 59 new homes on the site.

The development was started, and mostly completed by 2008, with 39 homes finished.

However when the global financial crises happened in 2008, funding for the project disappeared and construction was stopped.

In recent years, Colliers Planning have tried to obtain permission to build a further 27 homes on the site, an increase of homes compared to the original consented planning permission from 2008.

However the developers have twice seen the application rejected at committee, with the proposals being described as ‘cramped’.

The first time the application was rejected by the planning committee, despite being recommended for approval by the council’s planning officers, the developers unsuccessfully appealed.

The second rejection in 2019 is also being appealed, but in the mean time Colliers have submitted a third amended plan, changing the layout and relocating the proposed play park.

To view the full plans visit the Somerset West and Taunton Council website and search for application 3/32/20/009.