PLEASE could you print this letter on behalf of all pharmacy teams in Taunton and elsewhere.

We are all working hard to keep our customers supplied with their medicine and regular prescriptions. Some of our opening times have been reduced.

This does not mean we are going home early, it's giving us time to dispense the hundreds of extra prescriptions we are receiving every day.

We understand your frustration at having to queue outside as we only let two in at a time.

This is for your safety and ours.

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Most have understood but a few have not and so we have experienced some unpleasant remarks and even phoning our head office to complain.

At times, morale is low. Then we get a card or box of chocolates from a customer that picks us up.

So we do it all again the next day, and will continue to do so, until this is sorted.

So please, think before you pick up the phone to complain.

We really are trying our best.

Thank you.