OVER the last few weeks, during lockdown, I have noticed the people of Taunton coming together to help each other and their communities in so many incredible ways.

I daren’t mention them in case I leave someone off the list!

A couple of things I do want to draw attention to though are the way local businesses have adapted at this dreadful time: Local pubs becoming a community shop for essential shopping and delivering fresh homemade meals in their area, local bakers doing deliveries of bread and cakes.

We should allow ourselves some little treats at this time. Even my favourite local brewery is offering home deliveries of delicious beers too!

Could I ask a big favour? Could we all remember who was there for us during this pandemic?

When we come out the other side into a new world, we should continue to support local. These local businesses are run by our neighbours and friends. When we support them it really means something, it keeps our money in our town. Everyone wins.

At the time of writing this column we do not know how long lockdown will continue.

Personally, I would prefer it to be as long as it needs to be, to ensure this virus doesn’t take any more lives.

So how can we help ourselves to cope during this period?

Focus on the Good: Most days, there will be obstacles to overcome, people who are hard to deal with and mistakes made. But when you run into these things, find a sliver of good and consciously choose to dwell on that instead of what went wrong. This can help you maintain the positive mindset you need to enable your own achievement.

Be in the Moment: Most negativity comes from either dwelling on past events or mistakes or worrying about things that might happen later. But what if we could stay in each moment, focus on the here and now, and just be present? Chances are we’d all worry less and enjoy more – and that can contribute to a positive mindset in a big way.

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